Outdoor Education Center Hosts 'Race and the Outdoors' Film Screening and Discussion

Posted by Kim Freitas on September 27, 2016

Pomona College’s Outdoor Education Center hosted a film screening and discussion on Friday, Sept. 23 to create a dialogue around racial representation in the outdoors.

Titled “Race and the Outdoors,” the event took place in Edmunds Ballroom and featured the film “An American Ascent.”

The documentary details the journey of the first team of African American climbers to attempt to reach the summit of Denali in 2013. By following their journey on the mountain, the film explores the complexities of African American representation in the outdoors.


First-Aid 101: Tips From Hartley Nature Center

Posted by Kim Freitas on September 26, 2016

Before you grab your gear and head out on a fall excursion, take some time to familiarize yourself with some wilderness first-aid basics.This list was compiled with a lot of help from Hartley Nature Center’s own Tiffany Smith, who has been a certified Wilderness Responder for eight years through the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in Wyoming.We hope this information will help prepare you for the worst, while you enjoy the best of the Northwoods.


Rocky Mountain Power Grant Supports the Lander Valley Leadership Expedition

Posted by Kim Freitas on September 20, 2016

LANDER, WY—NOLS is pleased to announce we received a $4,000 grant from the Rocky Mountain Power Foundation to give scholarships for the Lander Valley Leadership Expedition(LVLE).


Journey 4 Renewal: Canoeing from Minnesota to the Hudson Bay

Posted by Kim Freitas on September 15, 2016

Among the tannin-stained lakes and loons of the Wilderness Canoe Base in northern Minnesota, hundreds of children have learned to canoe over the years. In 2016, four alums from the camp decided to pay it forward.


Sam Glinsmann Completes 77-Day Wilderness Course

Posted by Kim Freitas on September 13, 2016

Not many people in today’s connected world can say they’ve lived in isolation for 77 days. But Midland native Sam Glinsmann can.

“Aside from the hard skills — like pitching a tent and cooking — we focused on leadership and being a group member,” Glinsmann said.

He took a course with nine other students in remote areas of New Zealand. The course — which ran for three months earlier this year — included a 31-day hiking segment, followed by sea kayaking and sailing.


Gans: Wyoming's Recreational Waters Must Remain Pristine

Posted by Kim Freitas on September 12, 2016

Pristine streams in Wyoming, as rare as they are cherished, refresh weary travelers hiking through the forests, mountains and deserts of Wyoming. A capful of water poured overhead, or a cupful splashed over the face, is a welcome blessing on a long, hot hike.

With the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality’s new rule downgrading water quality across much of the state, however, such experiences may become a thing of the past.


Sheyna Gifford Completes Year-Long Simulation of Mars Mission

Posted by Kim Freitas on September 6, 2016

While at UC Berkeley, Sheyna Gifford took a class co-sponsored by the campus and NASA called “Mars by 2012,” which she credits with sparking her desire to pursue space exploration

A report on the class from the Lunar and Planetary Institute states that students studied habitat design, space suits, environmental control, countermeasures to a decrease in gravity and crew size for a Mars mission. Then, the students were invited to attend a NASA conference and present their ideas and methodologies.


Murie Center Honors Spirit of Conservation

Posted by Kim Freitas on September 1, 2016
Also honored was Jose Gonzales, a first-generation Mexican immigrant who founded Latino Outdoors in his quest to bring diversity to the conservation movement. Agnew described his work as “providing access and encouraging stewardship in all of our special places.”

Taking a ‘Whole Person’ Approach to Helping At-Risk Students

Posted by Kim Freitas on August 30, 2016

To some high school students, the sweltering summer months may be the perfect time to lose themselves in video games or binge-watch television shows.

Not to 17-year-old Cedric Cumba. This summer, after his sophomore year at Chelsea High School, he was exploring the Minnesota wilderness, hiking and canoeing in the expanse of the Superior National Forest. Summer Search Boston, a nonprofit enrichment program that provides mentoring and scholarships, helped prepare him for the trip and cover the cost.


Oregon Native Returns from 75-day Alaska Expedition

Posted by Kim Freitas on August 29, 2016

After spending several days marooned in a whiteout atop a distant Alaskan mountain, 21-year-old Katiya Gombar ventured outside her tent and was immediately stunned by what she saw.