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Molly is a NOLS instructor and writer. She loves the smell of her backpack and does her best writing before 7:00 am. When she's not scouting the next post for the NOLS Blog, she's running and climbing on rocks in Wyoming. Follow her on Instagram @mgherber
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NOLS Celebrates Landmark Federal Public Lands Victory

Posted by Molly Herber on February 28, 2019 11:50:45 AM MST

Creating new and continuing existing protections affirm importance of public lands for all.


The Ultimate Gifts for the Daring Adventurer

Posted by Molly Herber on December 14, 2017 11:34:22 AM MST

Editor's note: NOLS appeared in Healthline's 2017 holiday gift guide.

You know that friend — the one who can carve mountains, backpack continents, climb cliff faces, or simply thrive outside. The adventurer in your life, who keeps you updated about their trips and is always down to try something new.


Higher Body Fat Percentage Helps Retain Muscle Mass In Physically Active Humans

Posted by Molly Herber on December 7, 2017 12:24:49 PM MST

Editor's note: Professor Cara Ocobock describes her latest findings on nutrition during extended wilderness expeditions in Science Trends.


WRMC Announces 2017 Charles (Reb) Gregg Award Recipient

Posted by Molly Herber on November 27, 2017 10:39:45 AM MST

Portland, Maine—Shana Tarter, a founding member of the Wilderness Risk Management Conference and assistant director of NOLS Wilderness Medicine, was awarded the Charles (Reb) Gregg Award. This award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions in risk management to the outdoor education and adventure industry. She was presented with the award at the Wilderness Risk Management Conference (WRMC) in early November in Portland.


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