NOLS Instructor Earns 2018 Grit & Rock First Ascent Award

Posted by Brooke Ortel on February 22, 2018 9:57:30 AM MST

Grit & Rock recently recognized NOLS instructor Josie McKee as one of the 2018 recipients of its First Ascent Award, a grant that supports mountain exploration and first ascents by women. Along with team members Whitney Clark and Caro North, McKee received a Grit & Rock Performance Award to help fund her attempt of a new route on India’s Mt. Arjuna.


Be Prepared: Pack a Premade First Aid Kit

Posted by Brooke Ortel on February 21, 2018 11:51:19 AM MST

With input from Shana Tarter, assistant director of NOLS Wilderness Medicine, Outside’s Gear Guy discusses the advantages of purchasing a premade first aid kit. The bottom line? It’s much more economical than trying to construct your own, plus you’ll be prepared for a range of situations without adding a lot of weight to your pack.


The Best Gear for Going Poo in the Woods

Posted by Brooke Ortel on February 20, 2018 1:22:34 PM MST

Outside’s Gear Guy gets some pro tips from NOLS instructor Jared Spaulding and other experts on the best practices and gear for pooping in the woods. From investing in a trowel to unscrewing the caps of your soap and water bottles before doing your business, these simple reminders can make a serious difference to your comfort and health in the backcountry.


UT Austin's Business Honors Program Gets Outside with NOLS

Posted by Brooke Ortel on February 16, 2018 3:09:24 PM MST

This January, seven students in University of Texas’ Business Honors Program embarked on an eight-day customized NOLS expedition in Arizona. In addition to developing leadership skills and bonding as a group, their favorite memories of the trip include waking up to a surprise snowstorm and discovering that backcountry food can actually be pretty tasty.


Making History: An American Ascent

Posted by Brooke Ortel on February 15, 2018 9:13:59 AM MST

“The summit is just an excuse, what matters is the human adventure. Find what challenges you.”

In 2013, the nine members of Expedition Denali did just that, becoming the first all-African American team to climb Denali, the highest peak in the U.S. Recently highlighted in The Mac Weekly, the film An American Ascent chronicles their inspiring journey to the summit.


Celebrating Expedition Denali

Posted by Brooke Ortel on February 13, 2018 11:15:06 AM MST

In honor of Black History Month, Glacierhub recognized Expedition Denali, the first all-African American team of climbers to summit the highest peak in the U.S. Their inspiring 2013 journey, sponsored by NOLS, marked the 100th anniversary of the first ascent of Denali and aimed to empower People of Color to experience the world’s wild places as part of a more inclusive outdoor community.


NOLS Leadership Training Comes in Handy in Outer Space

Posted by Brooke Ortel on February 12, 2018 11:31:26 AM MST

The eight members of NASA’s class of 2013 recently gave Men’s Health the inside scoop on their training, which includes customized NOLS courses. Cdr. Victor Glover, who participated in a leadership expedition in Colorado, reports that “survival training taught him role flexibility, to know when to lead and when to support." 


A Wind River Take on the “Survival Holiday” Trend

Posted by Brooke Ortel on February 1, 2018 9:58:20 AM MST

Today, the “survival holiday” concept is all the rage with vacationers looking for outdoor adventure and a true break from digital media, but why go far away when Wind River Country has so much to offer? The Wind River Visitors Council recommends NOLS Wind River Wilderness courses as a top “survival holiday” option close to home.


The Single Greatest Choice I've Made in School: Mountaineering in the Himalayas 

Posted by Brooke Ortel on January 31, 2018 9:06:00 AM MST

Struggling to find direction in college, NOLS grad Will Black sought a different kind of education, one that would ultimately help him regain focus in school, learn invaluable leadership skills, and find solace in the wilderness. Most importantly, Will realized that, "Be it in the forests, on a glacier, or back in a classroom, I feel like there's no situation I can't handle since my gap year."


Outside’s Gear Guy Shares NOLS Tips on Keeping Camp Kitchens Clean

Posted by Brooke Ortel on January 30, 2018 2:41:14 PM MST

NOLS Field Staffing Director Marco Johnson offers Outside’s official gear guru, Joe Jackson, some pointers on how to maintain a clean outdoor kitchen. From “washing your hands” to “use few dishes” and “don’t be lazy,” these simple suggestions can go a long way toward preventing illness in camp.