Senior NOLS Instructor Advises Field & Stream on Picking Campsites

Posted by Brooke Ortel on August 1, 2019 8:28:54 AM MDT

Photo by Molly Hagbrand.

Field & Stream recently sought Senior NOLS Instructor Marco Johnson’s advice on choosing a campsite. Whether you’re car camping or backpacking, Johnson recommends taking possible weather events into account, resisting the urge to violate Leave No Trace practices, and knowing how to set up your shelter before heading out.


What It Means to Leave No Trace

Posted by Brooke Ortel on February 11, 2019 8:35:23 AM MST

Photo by Annalise Grueter.

Journalist Shikha Tripathi grew up in the striking landscape of the Kumaon Himalaya and she later earned an advanced degree in mountaineering. But it wasn’t until she took a NOLS Trip Leader course that she learned the principles of Leave No Trace, an experience that shifted her perspective on human presence in the outdoors.


Keeping America Beautiful

Posted by Brooke Ortel on August 9, 2018 4:45:08 PM MDT

NOLS Instructor Molly Absolon reflects on the evolution of environmentalism in the U.S., calling for a renewal of the energy and commitment of the 1970s, the era when NOLS began developing the minimum impact camping techniques that evolved into Leave No Trace ethics.


Applying LNT Ethics: “Leave What You Find”

Posted by Brooke Ortel on May 9, 2018 8:28:25 AM MDT

Doug Schnitzspahn, editor of Elevation Outdoors, reflects on how the Leave No Trace principles he learned on his NOLS course apply to daily life. Building on the core concept of “leave what you find,” he articulates a LNT ethic that’s transferable to the front country.


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